Technical Analysis of Stocks Trading Guide With Free PDF

technical analysis stock market

Technical analysis is a trading practice that seeks to employ various strategies to analyze assets and locate investment opportunities. It does this by evaluating information such as statistical price movement or traded volume. One of the fundamental pillars of technical analysis is the premise that …

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Wyckoff Trading Method Explained With Free PDF

Wychoff trading

In the temple of technical analysis, there is certainly no shortage of trading techniques designed to help you succeed in your trading career. Whilst some of these techniques are relatively recent developments, others have been around for decades. This post will examine the trading technique …

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Wolfe Wave Trading Strategy With Free PDF

If there is one thing every trader wishes for, it’s that they could predict the future with complete certainty. If they could, making money in the markets would be a foregone conclusion. Unfortunately, except for Nostradamus (and perhaps a few of the writers on the …

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Stock Market Abbreviations Quick Guide With PDF

Stock abbreviations

If the goal of writing was to alienate your audience, abbreviations are a brilliant way to start. There is no better way to make an unfamiliar audience feel uneasy than through the heavy use of abbreviations in your writing. Unfortunately, even the most well-intentioned writers …

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CFD Trading Beginners Guide With Free PDF

CFD trading

The stock market can be a volatile place. Every day, securities are traded on the financial markets across the globe. The buying and selling of securities on these markets cause price fluctuations that move the prices of these securities up and down. Even the most …

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